What's Your Plan?

Tranlsating your vision into reality requires a strategic planning effort to get concepts & goals converted into a roadmap which will guide the design/development effort to follow. This inovlves a combination of stakeholder interviews, research, and experience to properly define a successful path to launch.

Do you have a roadmap? A roadmap typically consists of a scope of work (business + functional requirements), wireframes mapping out the entire experience (blueprints), a timeline to completion, and potentially a revised estimate if additional needs are uncovered during the interviews.

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Scope of Work (SOW)

We combine the business and functional requirements into a single document, listing each feature as a line item that includes an estimated time to completion.

This document defines the workload and time required to deliver, and once the scope has been agreed upon can begin drafting wifreames to map out the user experience.

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Think blueprints. A comprehensive set of wireframes defines all of the elements on every view available to the user to avoid any assumptions, close any gaps, and ideally create an engaging experience.

This includes everything from the login & forgot password views, to the admin dashboard components and everything in between.

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We offer firm quotes once a scope of work has been established along with clear payment milestones which are tied to performace and deliverables.

Costs only increase if the scope were to increase during the life of the project with any change requests agreed upon in writing before the work will commence.

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If you don't have well defined roadmap, there may be a bumpy ride ahead.

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