Open-Source Programming

Proudly open-source is more than just a slogan, it's in our DNA. More than just a set of tools, being an open-source agency is a mindset, embodied by a culture that 'plays well' with others. We aim to deliver builds that are scalable & secure, and able to adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape.

Are you trapped in a licensed environment? Some of our competitors take a proprietary approach to development, forcing their clients into ecosystems that require licenses and often restrict innovation. An open-source environment provides limitless opportunity without the 'handcuffs' and excess fees.

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Web Applications

Beautiful, intuitive interface design, followed by an agile approach to programming is at the core of how we transform concepts into reality.

Our preference is to deliver responsive web applications that look & behave properly on all types of devices, and only deploy native apps for iOs/Android if there is a strong business case.

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Custom APIs

Application Programming Interface (API) is just a fancy way to describe a 'robot' in the cloud which processes requests. Google Maps, your Facebook Instagram, Twitter feed all use APIs to process and display data every time you login.

Companies can leverage those existing APIs to enhance their own digital experience, but we can also create custom APIs to further automate and streamline operations.

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Extending Platforms

WordPress, OpenCart, Laravel, and ReactJS, are some of our favorite platforms, but if it's open-source we can extend just about any framework.

Over 90% of our projects are deployed on a framework as they increase speed to market and can dramatically reduce costs.

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