In Solidarity.

March 7, 2022

Hi Jim,

I am a Ukrainian, and there is a war going on in my country. Just a week ago, I was a regular software developer, now I am protecting my country.

My goal is to reach out to as many foreign companies as possible, and ask them to show their support for Ukrainian people and spread awareness about the terrible war.

Here is what divStrong can do to stop the war:

  • Show support for Ukraine on the company’s home page.
  • Write a blog post or post info on LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram that sheds light on the horrible things that are happening in Ukraine right now.
  • Voice the company’s stance on the war whenever you have your next big company meeting.

Because words are stronger than bullets. Thank you in advance.

Writing from Khartiv, Ukraine...

Stan Sidorenko

Stan Sidorenko
Founder @ Actiomix

The Situation

Gain some perspective on the situation unfolding in Ukraine and understand the stakes:

Stay Informed:

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How to Help

Raise your voice.  Donate to charity.  Join the IT Army.