Our Story

Started in the basement now we here...

In 2005 a freelance, greenhorn web developer completed a website for classical guitarist Giacomo La Vita in a basement apartment outside Cleveland Circle, a neighborhood in the west end of Boston, MA. With that successful three-figure venture completed, Doyle Design was officially born! That entity evolved into DivStrong Productions, LLC four years and many dozens of clients later in the spring of 2009.

Originally focused on website design and digital marketing, our core competency began shifting toward custom web portals - now commonly know as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) - after a number of successful builds in the 2010s that provided real utility instead of just glossy content. Since 2018 divStrong has been taking on exclusively native application, web application, custom API and MVP builds to fill the gaps where traditional SaaS fall short.

By late 2019 it was becoming clear that blockchain technology - often just referred to as 'crypto' - was going to play a significant role in the emerging 'Web 3.0' phase of our ever expanding digital world.

With growing expertise in developing for Solana, Flux, Render, Cardano and others is creating new opportunites for clients to leverage incredibly powerful decentralized resources while providing transparency to their constituencies.

While at first we were resistant to the idea of being replaced by robots, have also found that generative AI tools such as Midjourney and Dall-E have expanded the capabilites of our designers by providing more tools to assist in executing their creative vision.

As the technology landscape continues to expand divStrong remains committed to helping our clients innovate, adapt and succeed in this brave new digital world!


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