Full Stack


All of our builds are created with open-source technology which means there are no licensing fees, restrictions, and you own the intellectual property that you hire divStrong to deliver.

Our typical build involves a custom API, admin portal, and either a web portal, native app, or both depending on the target audience and client goals regarding engagement.

For app builds, we prefer the React Native library as it allows both an iOs (Apple) and Android (Google) app to be created from a single codebase. This speeds up time to market while also reducing overall cost.

Since all of our work is custom, we establish a firm scope of work then provide a fixed cost estimate based on those requirements. Any change requests that may arise during the life of a project will receive client approval before to execution for full transparency without any surprise invoices.


Scalable full-stack platform


Sleek interfaces + interactions

React Native

Creating iOs/Android apps

Open Source

Your intellectual property

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