We offer scalable, affordable, fully managed cloud hosting solutions that serve as the backbone for all our clients' digital operations.

Hosting service includes full support to ensure uptime and regular server maintenance to apply security patches and software updates.

Redundancy is key to ensuring client data security, and all of our servers take regular backups of both site files and databases that can be 'spun up' on a new server very quickly in the event of an outage.

When contacting us for support, a locally based, intelligent human being will assist with your issue to ensure it get resolved in a timely manner.

Hosting terms are offered on an annual basis, at a fixed rate cost over the 12-month period. Server resources will be allocated based on client needs and expected traffic, so prices may vary depending on the load factor.


Guaranteed 99%+ uptime


Local, live human help


Redundancy keeps data safe


Security patches + version updates

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